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What if ordinary people could impact nations?

  • They can. Jesus' disciples did. Why not you?
  • The harvest is ripe and God's prepared a unique place for you in His mission. Discover it!
  • Need friends and mentors to spur you on? Everyone does.

Contrary to what you might think, there are simple steps you can take to dramatically increase Kingdom fruitfulness. They aren't complicated. What can be hard to find is an engaged community of fellow travelers passionately pursuing the same Kingdom goals. That is what DMI does.

In DMI programs; we train, coach, mentor, and create a community of like-minded friends. It's so much easier to move forward together!

What is Disciple Makers Increase (DMI)?

We help ordinary people impact nations.

We primarily serve Jesus-followers from the Global South (Asia, Africa, and Latin America) as they engage in missions and grow into effective disciple-makers who multiply among the unreached.

With Gods help we hope to:  

  • catalyze at least 50 new Disciple-Making Movements.  
  • model healthy exponential growth, developing and releasing new leaders at every level.  
  • nurture disciple-making movement practitioners toward maturity, increase, and fruitfulness 
  • create pathways, for Global South youth to enter missions.    
  • help existing movements become more missional through new apostolic efforts in yet unreached areas.   

What do you most want to grow in?

Explore an Interest in Missions

Our awesome new course, NEXT STEPS in Missions will show you the way.

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Making and Multiplying Disciples

Getting Started in Disciple Making Movements is an excellent entry course on how to start a movement of Jesus followers in your area.

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Learning to Mobilize the Church

Our introductory course on Missions Mobilization will give you new resources in how to promote missions in your area.

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What is it like to join a DMI Course?

"I grew closer to God, and my eyes were also opened to bring the gospel to the unreached! "- Noro (Nigeria)

"The disciple-making course provided so much more than I was expecting! I am thankful for the training, personal touch, and connections made possible" - Mark G. (USA)

"There were gaps in my understanding of missions. I have been made aware of the great need of those with no access to the gospel."- Junebirth (Northeast India)